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tati artchocolate Stick Bebe (Round)

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[Product number / color] bebe (with cap)

It is a round type that is smaller than the rose. Suitable for base coating. You can spread the gel evenly without crushing it with a soft tip. Recommended for those with small nails and those who want to apply a thin gel.

* After washing with a cleanser, prepare the tips with clear gel before storing.
If the tips become hard due to drying, apply Clear Gel firmly to soften it before use.
If acetone adheres to the shaft, it may discolor.

● Material / PBT, total length / 144mm, hair length / 8.5mm, hair width / 4.5mm, thickness / 1.9mm

[About mistakes in product description]
From August 2016 sales, "I want to apply thick gel" "Recommended for people", but the correct answer is "Recommended for those who want to apply a thin gel".



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Total length: 144 mm


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