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NailFormula(TAT Canada renamed)by Selectme Nail Incorporated(Nailtat Trading INC renamed)  is established and became TAT JAPAN’s exclusive distributor agent in Canada in September 2017.

Since 2020 we had work with more well know brand from different countries we change our company name and store name to Nail Formula. As our new name nail formula we are offer Japanese nail supplies to all nail lovers all over the world. Let all the nail lovers enjoy and have fun with the fantastic nail products! 


We hope to introduce the most up-to-date Asia trending nail and beauty related information to you. You do not have to go all the way to Japan for getting your Japanese Nail Supplies or go all the trouble of finding someone to buy products for you anymore. We are here to provide you with a much easier way to get what you want and offer wide selection of products for you to choose from. To offer the best quality products to you is our commitment.

We also set up a Nail Academy for all the nail lovers who want to improve their technique. We not only have the teachers from LOCAL also we will invite the Japan famous nail teachers to come for the seminar!!

All the teacher from Nail Formula are had accepted teacher qualification certification from many countries, such as Japan, China, Canada and other countries! Every year, our teachers will personally go to different countries to learn the latest and most orthodox nail techniques, and through the teacher's experiments and grinding to create a unique teaching method from Nail Formula. Not only to give theoretical knowledge, our college will also provide real model exercises. Let you unimpeded on the road of learning!

We still keep our website www.tat-canada.com for the oversea customers and www.nailforumal.ca had all the products in-store! 


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