Ringo & Mimosa RM #1 Classic Top Coat in Bottle 12ml

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Produced by Ringo &  Mimosa,it has a beautiful finish like your own nails.No uncured gel remains. 

Non-wipe glossy top gel

no brittleness

In terms of materials, we use flexible resin, not the typical rigid, brittle, glass-like materials. Even if you are a northern girl, the dry and cold weather won't cause it to crack.


[Contents / Remarks] 12ml


Softgel type Cure under UV/LED light 1-2min 


The tactile feel of the gel is a property we highly value.


Many people are allergic to cleaning solutions, so RM's top coats are all made to be no-wipe. This greatly reduces the possibility of users coming into contact with cleaning solutions. The no-wipe top coat is simple to use, saving time in nail salons and ensuring that enthusiasts don't have to worry about how to cure and shine the top coat. Just cure it for the right amount of time, and it will shine—so easy!


The Process of Japanese Gel Nail Application

Step 1: Pre-treatment

  • Shape the nails, remove cuticles, and eliminate moisture and oils from the nail surface.
  • This step is crucial as it directly affects the longevity of your manicure.

Step 2: Apply Base Gel

  • The base gel is the first layer of resin that comes into contact with the natural nail. It ensures that subsequent layers adhere properly.
  • Choose the base gel according to the purpose and preferred technique.

Step 3: Creative Layer

  • In this step, use colored gels and composite materials for personalized creation. When applying a single color, each color needs to be applied in two layers. The process may vary depending on the design.

Step 4: Apply Top Coat

  • The final layer seals everything in. Depending on the nail's condition (thick/thin) and the desired finish (glossy/matte), choose an appropriate top coat.

Product Code: RMT001

#0 Top Coat for Oily

It's super smooth, water droplets can't even cling to it.
Its biggest advantage is its stain resistance. It's effective against oil stains and powder stains.
It won't go from freshly done and shiny to dirty in a couple of days.
It flows quickly, suitable for thin application; when used in large amounts, it can easily flow into nail grooves.
It's a great choice for those seeking extreme thinness."

#1 Classic Top Coat

It has relatively high fluidity and strong self-leveling ability. Although it has high fluidity within the RM range, it is still subtly heavier than typical no-wipe gels, not watery. It has a slight shaping ability, which can smooth out minor bumps and imperfections. It is suitable for creating a natural and delicate curvature. (For heavy shaping, please choose the #3 top coat.)

#2 Top gel for Mirror powder

It's so satisfying to get that powdered feeling, it's a stress reliever.
It has a certain toughness and elasticity, making it the most resistant to scratches and impacts among sealants.
It flows at a moderate speed, giving just the right amount of plumpness.

#3 Builder Top Gel 

It's a thick sealant integrated with construction, a long-term repurchase product in many nail salons.
Its advantage lies in its ease of use, integrating seamlessly with construction.
Ideal for sisters with thin, soft nails needing added thickness and strength.




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