Nail de Dance Acrylic Powder River White 20g

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The whitest white powder, whiter than Cossack White Powder and Jazz White Powder.
With a chewy texture, you can create the smile line you want with less brush work.
If you like, you can blend it with Cossack White or Jazz White to adjust the operability and color.

How to take the river white mixture is "Tsuru Pon Kyu"
Crane: When you take the mixture with a brush, the surface is smooth.
Pong: Immediately pop the mixture in a smooth state.
Kyu: Don't wait for self-leveling, start the application as soon as you put the mixture in place.

Liquid: Powder = 1 strength: 2
Curing time: 5 minutes (room temperature 23 ° C, humidity 50%)

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