INITY High-End Color SK-04S Apricot 3g

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[Product number/color] Apricot

Coloring/Color/Coating comfort
High-end color filled with new brilliance

A color gel that has become much easier to use . The high-end color has a significantly
improved level of usability compared to the color gel of Initi until now.

・A small amount of any color will develop firmly and the color will grow well
・Smooth salon work with textures and colors that match the usage for each purpose
・A wide variety of colors that are stylish and easy to use Complete color variations

■ Skin collection The
6 colors that make your skin look beautiful are exquisite color variations that range from mature-looking colors to cute-looking colors.

・ Six colors are available, but if you apply it once, it will be a natural color. If you apply it twice, it will be a gentle color. If you apply it three times, it will be a solid color, and you can use one color like three colors. (Even if you apply it very thinly, it will have smooth leveling and will not be uneven, and it will develop color firmly with a small amount, so even if you apply it three times, it will not thicken and will not break the form.)
・ Gradation can be finished speedily without the need for techniques. ..

Apricot pink with a sense of orange [Skin Collection]

[Contents / Remarks] 3g





Softgel type UV about 1 minute LED about 30 seconds S

Product code: 18387

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