SJ-15 Drill Bit

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[Product number / color] SJ-15

Introducing a thin little course with high cutting ability and a super fine finish like a file. Small tiny round tip easy to remove the side wall for gel. also for recovering crystal or parts.  
Achieves a beautiful and clean cutting surface compared to the carbide bar. Since the frictional heat is low, it is highly safe and there is almost no frictional heat after work such as gel.

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[Contents / Remarks]

The semi-cover-specific grinding head is designed to be user-friendly, particularly for beginners. Here are its key features and uses based on your description:

  1. Material: Made of tungsten steel with a nitride coating, ensuring durability and high performance.
  2. Tungsten Steel Base: Provides a strong and durable foundation for the grinding head.
  3. Cross-Cut Teeth: Allows for efficient and smooth grinding in both directions.
  4. Small Cone Shape: The small cone shape does not obstruct the front view, providing better control and visibility during use.
  5. Rounded Tip: The rounded top protects the nail surface and surrounding skin from damage during grinding.
  6. Gentle Removal: Designed for small areas, operates at low speeds, and prevents slipping, ensuring a gentle removal process.

Product Uses:

  • Removing Residual Edge Lines: Suitable for removing the residual edge lines of semi-cover nails.
  • Smoothing Nail Piece Joints: Effectively smooths out the joints between nail pieces and the natural nail.
  • Close Side Line Work: Ideal for working on close side lines without damaging the surrounding skin.

This grinding head is perfect for both beginners and professional nail technicians who need a reliable tool for precise and gentle nail care tasks. Its design ensures efficient removal of unwanted materials while protecting the natural nail and surrounding skin.





Product code: SJ1555

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