Airtex APC019-S SPICA Airbrush & Compressor Set

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Equipped battery adapter as standard equipment.
Compact body + battery compatible, easy to use,
and achieves high class in both cost performance and usability.
You can use it widely from makeup to body art.

◆ Maximum pressure: Approximately 0.2Mpa (approximately 2kgf / cm2)
* Rated pressure varies depending on the diameter of the airbrush.
◆ Air discharge amount: Approximately 11.5ℓ / min
◆ Power consumption: 24W
◆ Rated voltage: 12V (DC), 100-240V (AC)
◆ Rated time: 30 minutes
◆ Operating volume: 40dB
◆ Size: Width 115 x Depth 116 x Height 60 (holder not included)
◆ Weight: 450g
◆ Hose connection size: S screw

◆ Accessories:
Air hose, airbrush holder, battery adapter, power cord

* Airbrush M&S 0.3mm and AIRTEX Color Smart Series Petit Set*

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