Ceramics Smooth Drill Bit C0713TF-M(Medium)

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[Product number / color] C0713TF-M(Medium)

Since the top of the bit is round, it is easy to handle even for those who are using the machine for the first time!

Five features.
(1) Overwhelming cleanliness: Dust and dust do not collect easily, and there is almost no clogging. Hygienic without color when hitting a cut object! Disinfection is also possible. The pure white design makes it look easy.

(2) Heat resistance: Hard to hold heat! It has excellent heat resistance and does not exceed a certain temperature, so you do not feel the heat and it is excellent in safety.
Since it is hard to be charged, static electricity is hard to be generated and dust is hard to fly.

③ Corrosion resistance: Rust resistant! Corrosion resistance that does not easily deteriorate such as rust, and maintains sharpness and cleanliness.

④ Abrasion resistance: Hard to wear! It has the second highest hardness next to diamond, has excellent wear resistance, and is not easily deformed.

⑤ Lightweight: Very light compared to metal and does not shake even at high rotation.


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