Rily Cute Bear Sticker 【Cute 1-3】

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RilyCare Bear (Rily Cute 1-3) collection contains 3 types nail art stickers.

Cream 3-colors of care bear in American cartoon style.

M and L size bears, the bears are bigger, because they are more cute and look better when you get on nails.

The stickers are small (8 x 5.5cm) the size of a credit card with 18 bears on each, which can accommodate quite a few guests. Usually two bears in one hand are enough.

RilyCute-1: Custard + Natural Orange Bear
RilyCute-2: Baby Pink + Gray Purple + Lavender Bear
RilyCute-3: Aqua Blue + Gray Blue + Green Bear

price is $3.75/each type
A set of 3 discount prices are $9.00

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