Noa Gel

KATACHI project started!
New gel developed with customers

◆ I want to try see-through color without worrying about the color of free edge!
◆ I want to finish French art beautifully in a short time!
◆ I want to improve the color of my nail bed and make it look healthy!
◆ I want to apply it at the same time as the base and color to save time and enjoy nails well!


Which one are you?
Yellow base (Yebe) or Blue base (Brevet) Easy diagnosis

Q1. The color of the blood vessels that can be seen through the inside of the wrist is ...
greenish. →→→ [A] It is
blue or purplish red. →→→ [B]

Q2. Which is the color of your white eyes?
White eyes look yellowish →→→ [A]
White eyes look pale →→→ [B]

Q3. As for the color of clothes ... I
'm better at warm colors such as orange and brown. →→→ [A] I
am good at cool colors such as light blue, gray, and bluish pink. →→→ [B]

Q4. The color of the accessory is ...
Gold is more suitable. →→→ [A]
Silver and rose gold are more suitable. →→→ [B]

Q5. When the sun ...
will burn easily tan. →→→ [A] It
turns red but is hard to burn. →→→ [B]

[Diagnosis result] If there are many
[A] ... There is a high possibility of "Yebe" ☆ If there are many
[B] ... There is a possibility of "Brevet" It's expensive ★

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