MODING Bottle Function Gel 【C06 Gradient Blooming Gel】15g

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[Product number / color] C06 Gradient Blooming Gel (White Brush) 

How to use: 1. It needs to be used after base . 2. Thinly apply on the nail surface without lighting, select the desired color to make the corresponding smudge effect. Such as: blush on nails, thinly apply blooming gel on nails, do not light up, take an appropriate amount of color gel beads in the middle of the nail surface, wait for the natural smudge, then cure with light for 60s

Tips :It is better to use transparent or semi-transparent colors for smudging. For nail polish with solid color or thick texture, it is recommended to use smudge glue to adjust and dilute it before smudge

[Contents / Remarks] 15g





SoftGel type UV/LED(60s)

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