MODING Bottle Function Gel 【C05 Builder Overlay Gel】15g

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[Product number / color] C05 Builder Overlay Gel (Grey Brush) 

How to use: Carve and buff the nails until there are no reflective spots, use nail cleanser to clean the nail surface. After it dries naturally, take a small amount of base and apply it thinly on the nail.

Pay attention to the surrounding skin. Do not illuminate the light first, then take an appropriate amount of base gel beads and spread it on the nail surface. Invert the nail surface to adjust the curvature of the nail surface. Let the gel flow out of the high point naturally, and cure it by lighting for 60 seconds

It is recommended to wipe off the sticky layer and then paint color. It needs a certain thickness to strengthen the armor or do shaping

[Contents / Remarks] 15g





SoftGel type UV/LED(60s)

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