Soak-off type gels became popular in the market in 2006, and gel nails
became the main menu of nail salons.
Many gel nail brands were born in proportion to the expansion of the market and the diversification of needs.
Today's gel nail brands are said to be 200 or 300, and it
is very difficult for consumers to find a brand they can trust. 
We believe that
products have a purpose and a role to provide services, and we aimed to create products that lead to high-quality salon services.
Nail technician technology and theoretically backed products
produce the best performance and service.

by Shinwa Corporation, which boasts a track record of more than 30 years in the nail industry, GELGRAPH has been repeatedly
scientifically verified
to support high-spec products, such as the mechanism of adhesion of the base gel and the definition for evaluating the top gel. I did. Establishing ambiguous gel nail evaluation criteria and making
proposals from a more academic perspective
will be an essential element for nail technicians to provide salon services with confidence . Please experience GELGRAPH, which was developed for
various scenes such as salon work, certification exams, and competitions

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