émena Magnety Gel in Bottle E-MG0508-0520 8g

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By using a special magnet that allows you to freely manipulate light with a fantastic glow,

deep patterns and lines emerge.
A mysterious gel whose shine changes depending on the angle.

A value set of 13 colors of Emena Magnetic Gel 0508 to 0520.

E-MG0508 Emena Magnetic Gel 0508
E-MG0509 Emena Magnetic Gel 0509
E-MG0510 Emena Magnetic Gel 0510
E-MG0511 Emena Magnetic Gel 0511
E-MG0512 Emena Magnetic Gel 0512
E-MG0513 Emena Magnetic Gel 0513
E- MG0514 Emena Magnetigel 0514
E-MG0515 Emena Magnetigel 0515
E-MG0516 Emena Magnetigel 0516
E-MG0517 Emena Magnetigel 0517
E-MG0518 Emena Magnetigel 0518
E-MG0519 Emena Magnetigel 0519
E-MG05 20 Emena Magnetigel 0520

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