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tati artchocolate Stick Gris (Art)

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[Product number / color] Gris (with cap)

It is a brush with a very high degree of freedom. There is no rule for its use. The tips can be easily sharpened or crushed. Feel free to use it regardless of the line or surface.

* After washing with a cleanser, prepare the tips with clear gel before storing.
If the tips become hard due to drying, apply Clear Gel firmly to soften it before use.
If acetone adheres to the shaft, it may discolor.

* The cap is thin,
so be careful not to bend it.

● Material / PBT, total length / 132mm, hair length / 12mm, hair width / 2.5mm, thickness / 2.5mm



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Overall length: 132 mm


Product code: 107150

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