Ringo & Mimosa RM Non-wipe Bijou in Jar 10g

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Produced by Ringo &  Mimosa, a functional clear gel that allows you to choose the scene you want to use, such as delicate art and everyday salon work. 

Non-wipe bijou gel recommended for both plump nails and bijou art.

[Contents / Remarks]10g


Softgel type Cure under UV/LED light 1-2min 

No-Wipe, No Sticky Residue

Can be directly used for mirror powder application afterward.


  • The gel does not yellow and does not turn white after curing.
  • Suitable for both flat-bottom and V-cut rhinestones.
  • Can be used with both flat and 3D rhinestones.
  • Compatible with both UV and LED lamps.
    • UV: 2 minutes / LED: 1 minute strictly followed.
  • No stringing.
  • No self-leveling function.
  • No self-healing ability, allowing for the creation of highly textured, three-dimensional lines.
  • Easy to pick up gel without stringing.

Function 1: Adhesive for Rhinestones

Traditional professional nail artists often use two types of rhinestone glue:

  • One with a solid consistency for "piling," used to handle 3D V-cut rhinestones, similar to the function of a crystal mixture.
  • One with a fluid consistency for "dipping," used to handle gaps and flat-back rhinestones.

The RM rhinestone adhesive is highly versatile and essentially combines both functions into one. The gel is not as stringy or excessively sticky as before, allowing one jar of rhinestone adhesive to effectively handle both flat and 3D rhinestones.

Rhinestone Ball

Operation Steps

STEP 1: Positioning and Sizing

  • Determine the placement and size of the rhinestone cluster.

STEP 2: Applying the Gel

  • Estimate the required amount of gel and the position for the rhinestone cluster.
  • Use a toothpick to rotate and pick up the gel, then place it on the nail. A small mound is ideal, as too little will not hold the rhinestones.

STEP 3: Placing the Main Rhinestones

  • Start with the largest rhinestones to establish balance, similar to building a framework.
  • The gel's consistency prevents slipping, allowing for a steady application without rushing.
  • After placing the main rhinestones and forming the structure, cure under the lamp for the recommended time.

STEP 4: Filling with Smaller Rhinestones

  • Use the dipping method to pick up gel (covering more than half of the rhinestone's height) and fill in the gaps with smaller rhinestones. Cure under the lamp.

STEP 5: Edge Smoothing

  • Use a liner brush dipped in the #3 top coat to smooth the edges, forming a cohesive and enclosed rhinestone cluster.

Function 2: Creating Metal Embellishments

Operation Steps

STEP 1: Base Color and Top Coat

  • Complete the steps for applying the base color and top coat as you would for a single-color application.

STEP 2: Drawing Lines

  • The gel offers zero rebound and zero self-repair, making it perfect for creating detailed and precise lines.
  • It allows for easy and expressive line work, which is a major reason why I favor this rhinestone adhesive.

STEP 3: Convenient Powder Application

  • The gel is no-wipe, and after curing, its surface is perfectly compatible with mirror powder.
  • The optimal texture ensures a smooth and efficient application, making the process very satisfying.

Product Code: NZJ001

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