KOKOIST Excel Line Soak Off Color Gel #E-252 Warm Concealer 2.5g

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[Product number / color] # E-252

The Excel line has greatly improved durability and adhesion, and it lasts a long time.
The color is vivid and you can apply it clearly even if you apply it once.
It does not require stirring and develops a clear color like acrylic paint, so let alone paint it, you can also draw it. Easy to operate, you can draw French and art quickly.
Temporary curing: UV approx. 30 seconds / LED approx. 10 seconds
Soak-off time: 10 minutes
* There is no problem with using with other companies' gels. You can soak off with a commercially available gel remover or acetone.

Orange beige


[Contents / Remarks] 2.5g





Softgel type UV about 1 minute LED about 20 seconds

Product code: 116310

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