Kimagure Cat Forming Gel Matte White 30g

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[Product number / color] Matte white


[Contents / Remarks] 30g

Capricious cat forming gel. If you have this, you can make the length out very easily. The sculpture made with a special brush and a special tip is quick. Simple. Even those who are not good at lengthening can easily perform the treatment.

[How to use

● When
applying color gel Base gel → Forming gel → Shaped sanding → Base gel → Color gel → Top finish

● When finishing with only forming gel without color gel Base gel → Forming → Shaped sanding → Top Finishing (Cangel is also acceptable) * Cangel finishing is also possible due to its strength.


[Contents / Remarks] 30g





Softgel type UV about 1 minute LED about 30 seconds

Product code: 100936

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