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joujou Lueur d'origine nuance powder / neon №4

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[Product number / color] neon №4

~ Clear Gel & Color Gel Mix Edition ~ (← joujou Recommended usage!)
Because it is a fine particle powder, you can make an original gel with a slight neon glow by mixing it with clear gel or color gel.

* After a while, the powder may sink and a beautiful neon color may not appear, so
please temporarily cure it immediately after applying.

Non-wipe use ~ After applying color gel to the base and curing, apply non-wipe gel and cure, and rub néon powder with an eyeshadow tip to make a calm color with a slight pearl veil, and neon shines on the surface. ..

~ Hitting on uncured gel ~ By tapping the
art on the cured uncured gel with an eyeshadow tip or rubbing it with a quick one point, the neon color that makes the most of the texture of the powder will stand out.

* There is no recommended gel maker, but there may be differences in the degree of adhesion and finish depending on the nature of the gels of each manufacturer.
Please note that. "

~ Elegant neon powder ~ From the
joujou nuance powder series,
neon powder with a slight pearly feel is now available!

Compared to neon powder with good coloring, joujou's neon powder is characterized by a calm color that is full of elegance by adding a pearly feeling.

For those who thought "neon powder is a little flashy" and those who "want to enjoy neon colors casually", even one color will give a casual and elegant finish, so it is a recommended item.


[Contents / Remarks] 0.5g

With tip brush


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