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joujou Lueur d'origine Lucious Glitter Shabby

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[Product number / color] Lucious Glitter Shabby

■ Product Description
Lueur d'origine Luscious Glitter series has a new color!
It is a very popular item in the "joujou 2022 New Year coffret" featured product.
In addition to the shabby chic joujou-like color such as brown pink, it is an original powdery glitter that harmonizes the brilliance of particles and the exquisite blending balance.
You can enjoy the color change by mixing it with clear gel or color gel, or take it with a brush or art chip and put it on uncured to give the texture of powder.
■ How to use
・ Of course, you can mix it with clear gel and use it, but we recommend that you apply clear gel after nuance art or one-color curing, take it with a brush before curing, and lightly stroke it to make it fine. The texture and color of the powder will stand out, creating a brilliant and wonderful finish.
・ A matte top coat suppresses shine and gives a dull color with a lively powder texture.
In addition, you can use it as a point accent by gathering it together on the base of the shell and parts!

◆ Notes ◆
・ The appearance of colors differs depending on the base color.

・ Some color blur may occur depending on the manufactured rod.

・ Because particles may scatter finely, please be careful of the surroundings so that they do not get in your eyes, nose, mouth, etc.

・ The color of the product may look slightly different depending on the shooting conditions, the terminal filter settings used by the customer, and the protective sticker. please note that.

・ Although it is mixed well, in rare cases, there may be a part where the color is uneven depending on the scooping place, so please stir before use.

・ Powders that emit light such as glitter, glitter, mirror powder, nuance powder, and polarized powder are products that are likely to differ from the image. Please purchase only if you understand.

・ Check that there are no abnormalities on your skin or nails before using. Should you find any abnormalities, discontinue use, consult a doctor, etc. and follow the instructions.

・ Keep out of reach of infants and other children to prevent accidental ingestion.


[Contents / Remarks] 0.7g

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