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jou jou ◆ Lueur d'origine Lucious Glitter Ombre

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[Product number / color] Lucious Glitter Ombre

joujou Original brilliance New item from Lueur d'origine series!
Originally blended with several types of carefully selected powder and glitter
[Lueur d'origine Luscious glitter]
In addition to the Joujou-like color, it is a glitter with an exquisite combination of particle brilliance and balance. Since fine color powder is mixed, when mixed with gel, the powder melts, and the calm color, fine shine, and glitter shine combine to create a unique shine.

■ Features [Ombre ~ Shiny Brown ~]
Based on several types of brown glitter, several types of fine champagne color glitter with more brilliance and calm beige powder are mixed.
A powder glitter that is especially brilliant and accentuated.

■ How to use
・ Of course, you can mix it with clear gel and use it, but we recommend that you apply clear gel after nuance art or one-color curing, take it with a brush before curing, and lightly stroke it to make it fine. The texture and color of the powder will stand out, creating a brilliant and wonderful finish.

・ A matte top coat suppresses shine and gives a dull color with a lively powder texture.

In addition, you can use it as a point accent by gathering it together on the base of the shell and parts!


[Contents / Remarks] 0.8g






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