EORA Hand & Body Cream Honey Ginger 370g

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[Product number / color] Honey ginger

EGF + 12 kinds of natural essence combination
Professional prescription

EGF for moisturizing + regeneration and treatment cream finished with 12 kinds of natural essence are higher-grade hand & body cream with all ingredients finished with face ingredients.

Four types of scents are available: rose, which is overwhelmingly popular for its elegant scent, bergamot (citrus), which has a refreshing effect, lavender, which gives deep healing, and honey ginger, which has an exquisite scent of honey and ginger. You can use it properly according to your taste and mood.

Recommended point
1, moisturizing firmly even though it is not sticky
2, for a
higher-grade beauty with EGF combination
3, pump type 4 convenient for large capacity of 370 g , paraben-free

essence has high viscosity, so use it continuously Please use it or shake it lightly.

* Please refrain from selling on the Internet.


[Contents / Remarks] 370g






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