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CON'CELECT Britney TOKYO Nail Brush Square head (with cap)

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Square head (with cap)

A gel nail brush in collaboration with world-famous manicurist Britney TOKYO and CON'CELECT.
It is not damaged by acetone, etc., and has excellent solvent resistance. It is easy to hold, and can be used for flat and round brushes, point art and more delicate art that sticks to the ease of applying base and color gel. A lineup of 5 types of easy-to-use art brushes.
Her PBT (chemical fiber) with strong elasticity is used for the ends of the hair, reducing the problem of hair breakage and hair loss compared to animal hair.

A flat brush that is easy to use even for base colors. We are particular about the length that makes it easy to apply to both short and long nails.
●Material/PBT, hair length/9mm, hair width/5mm, thickness/1.9mm


Total length: 150mm



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