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AIRTEX Air Gel Liquid 15ml 102 Royal Gold

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102 royal gold

"Air gel liquid" that can be used as it is without diluting it with an airbrush.
It is a color gel that can be blown with an airbrush without diluting it. Even just one blow will give you a solid color, so you can save time compared to using a normal color gel diluted with dilution.
Since it is a smooth liquid, it can be easily sprayed with an airbrush.
*Because it is highly volatile, please close the lid frequently during work. If the viscosity of the air gel liquid becomes high, please dilute it with "Air Gel Dilution" before use.

[Please note the following points when using air gel liquid]
・Be sure to ventilate while using.
・Please wear a mask during use. A mask with activated charcoal is recommended.
・It is recommended to use deodorant (Crinklin).
・Before use, tap the bottom of the bottle lightly on the table, drop the liquid accumulated in the cap into the bottle, and then open the cap.
・Avoid places with high temperature, high humidity and direct sunlight, and store in a place where the temperature does not change drastically.
・If the air gel liquid does not come out, it is highly likely that the viscosity inside is high, so please do not push the container forcefully. The contents will scatter and contaminate the surroundings. If it does not come out even if you gently press the bottle downward, remove the inner plug, add a few drops of dilution, tighten the inner plug and cap, and stir well. * Shake well about 30 to 40 times.



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