YHH Fairy Powder Cream 仙粉膏 F-01 to F-20 Each 2g

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F-01 to F-10 are the Opal Series. They have multiple layers that combine different colors and thick textures to create depth and dimension.

F-11 to F-13 are the Pearl Series. Sweetie may mix with the YHH Non-wipe styling gel. 

F-14 to F-16 are high-density and delicate Earth Color Metallic Gels. They are very shiny. After applying the non-wipe top gel, Sweetie may use them as the 3D Styling Gel and liner gel( Sweetie may create fine drawings by using this series)

F-17 to F-20 are the Earth Color Higher Granularity Metallic Gels. They are versatile!

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