Ringo & Mimosa RM Mousse Matte Top in Bottle 12ml

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Produced by Ringo &  Mimosa, A non-wipe mat top with a flat brush tip. Recommended for designs with a perfect matte texture.  

[Contents / Remarks] 12ml


Softgel type Cure under UV/LED light 1-2min 

Non-wipe Top Gel

Too many people are allergic to cleaning solutions, so RM's top coats are all made to be wipeless. This minimizes the chances of users coming into contact with cleaning solutions. The wipeless application is simple and time-saving for nail salons. Just cure it for the right amount of time, and it will definitely achieve a super high-quality, suede-like matte finish.


Mousse Texture

Its essence is a matte top coat, but the texture after curing is different from traditional matte finishes. It feels a bit like suede, with a dense mousse-like texture. This results in a finish that looks better and more high-end compared to traditional matte finishes.

No Oily Shine

Many matte top coats with a lower grit number tend to wear off or start to develop a subtle shine over time. Our mousse top coat won't do that and will maintain its matte finish until the end.

Clear Gel

With traditional matte finishes, no matter the color or design, there tends to be a grayish or whitish cast that significantly reduces transparency. Mousse is among the most transparent of matte finishes. As long as you don't use an excessive amount to create a thick curve, your colors will remain vibrant, and your designs will stay clear, without a foggy appearance.

Scratch Repair

After the customer leaves the salon, if small scratches occur in daily life, the mousse top coat has the ability to smooth them out with just a swipe.


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