Ringo & Mimosa Flets Plus Collection in Square Jar 5g Each

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[Product number / color] 

213 Jewel

214 Blood

215 Glacier

216 Almandine

217 Eggplant

218 Iron Gall ink

219 Dark Camel

220 Iron Forest

221 Ice Coffee

222 Maple Sryup

223 Blood Plasma


A colorful clear color series .A wide range of art is realized with a smooth texture that melts. Ultimate color development that shines even in one color.

This collection has a clear, transparent look.
Even if you use it in one color, it has a clear feeling, so it does not give a heavy impression and it is
easy to use. It is ideal for art use that makes use of the clear feeling, and it is easy to use regardless of the season.

[Contents / Remarks] 5g

Softgel type Cure under UV/LED light 1-2min


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