YHH Function Gel Jar 【White Carving Gel 】雕花胶 10g and Carving Brush

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Here are some tips for using the product effectively:

  1. Use Alcohol for Application: Dip tools in alcohol to prevent sticking and achieve better tool performance.

  2. Compatibility with No-Wipe Products: This product can be mixed with no-wipe products (note: it may become slightly thicker, so adjust according to your needs).

  3. Apply Top Coat: Finish with a top coat for a higher gloss finish.

  4. Consider Product Hardness: Due to its higher hardness, when shaping, be mindful of thickness. Avoid making it too thin, as it can become brittle.


Soft gel type UV about 1 minute LED about 10-20 seconds 

Hard and firm texture

  • Sculpture shapes are not easily collapsed.
  • Clay-like texture that is not sticky.
  • Higher hardness after curing under the lamp.
  • Provides a more three-dimensional carving effect.

Thick white gel - Clay-like texture

  • Mix with appropriate amount of colored gel for blending and color change. Beginners can pair with small white molds for efficient and quick production.

  • Versatile for single-color use, making styles effortlessly.

  • Easily kneadable, delicate and easy to shape.

  • Convenient for blending colored gels in moderate amounts to create multi-color designs.


Dual-Head Design

Enhanced operability, allowing for precise control of operational details according to personal habits.

Hard Head - Metal Head / Round Tip Small Ball Stick

Used for pressing petals, leaves, and natural curves.

Soft Head - Silicone Head / Droplet Design

Ideal for precise control over sculpting details.


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